With over 1.8 million non-profits in the United States alone, I thought where do you begin? For me, Urban Compass is a place close to my heart and a place that gives children a beginning, a hope and pays everything forward.

Located in Watts, an economically depressed area known for its high drop out rates, poverty, crime and gang violence…which triples in the hours following school. The local elementary and middle schools are recruiting grounds for new gang members with some children joining as early as eight years old.

Urban Compass was formed in partnership with Verbum Dei High School and 112th Street Elementary School to combat poverty and violence and make a difference in the lives of children in Watts. This incredible after school program captures children at a very volatile age and offers an alternative model for them: an environment that challenges them to dream of a rewarding future where they can accomplish anything and escape poverty.

Urban Compass is featured in Daughtry’s video “What About Now” (at approx 2min) you will see that Urban Compass is the path to now.


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