writingEach week I sit down at my computer and write. Sometimes its a story about an incredible person who shaped our world and made an impact, other days its simply a quote or a thought that I feel compelled to share with you. And some days I wonder why? Why do I feel so compelled to do this?

Since I’m in the sharing mood, I think there are a few reasons that I write. First and foremost, at my core I am a communicator. Whether its my motor mouth, or talking with my hands or through these keys, it is simply who I am.

More than that, I write to remind myself of who I need to continue to strive to be and become. I write about my heroes, people who have taken a problem and turned it into a solution that impacts thousands of others in incredible ways.

Writing broadens my world and brings people and situations into my life, in ways I never imagined. Charity Matters has given me such purpose and my hope is that is has brought some to you as well. As I say every week, we all have gifts. Finding those gifts, recognizing what they are and sharing them in ways to make our world better is just simply what it’s all about.

Charity Matters.

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