old and young handsHow many of you made New Years Resolutions or Lent sacrifices? If so, how is that going for you? I can honestly say after a week into my commitment to perform 46 random acts of kindness, this is more challenging than I thought.

Part of the problem with resolutions I’m discovering is, that we have an expectation in our minds of how they are supposed to play out. We give up chocolate and see ourselves as a super model in a bikini or we give up Facebook and see ourselves with so much extra time. Sadly, these preconceptions are often what becomes our roadblock to success.

I, of course, envisioned myself helping hundreds of little old ladies from Pasadena who were just lining up waiting for me to help them…randomly of course. Surprise, that hasn’t been the case. This past week I have had to go looking for opportunities, they did not come to me as I had thought.

Day one I helped a handicap man at mass, day two I helped an elderly lady at the grocery store, and day three there was no one in line behind me so I could pay for their coffee….hmmm so I put money in an expired parking meter. Then I hit a serious lull, it was late in the afternoon nothing had presented itself (or I wasn’t paying attention) and I panicked..what to do? I picked up the phone and phoned a friend, one I hadn’t spoken to in a long while. Warning: grey area here. Is this a random act of kindness or pre- meditated desperation to fulfill my obligation?

Either way it was a good feeling and even better conversation. So I have still have 39 days to make this right, be kinder, make an effort and more importantly make a tiny difference in this world. Hey, a difference is a difference! Random or not.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Charity Matters.

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