There is always that defining moment. We each have them, some bigger than others.  On August 11th, 2005 Francie Paul had that moment when she gave birth to her son, Joshua. Francie’s moment was more than that of a proud new and tired mother but one of concern.  Four hours after his birth, Joshua was rushed from the local hospital where he was quickly diagnosed with Severe Complex Congenital Heart Disease.

It is there is that moment, that small space in time that having a sick child will either destroy you or define you. The Paul family had that moment, frustrated and angry with their son’s condition.

“Like many parents in our position, we became very angry and once the dust settled we considered litigation as a course of action. After meeting with high-profile medical-malpractice attorneys in Chicago we decided that this route was clearly not for us. In the elevator on the way out of one of the attorney’s offices we called Brian’s (my husband) corporate attorney to find out how to start a Public Charity. We felt channeling our energy into something positive instead of something negative (like litigation) would be a much healthier and more fulfilling way for us to focus our efforts.”

The result of that frustration and emotion was channeled into the creation of Saving Tiny  Since 2006, the Saving tiny Hearts Society has been working to fulfill its mission of raising seed money for grossly under-funded, lifesaving research of congenital heart defects. This seed funding acts as a bridge for this research to millions of dollars of extramural funding from the National Institute of Health. To date Saving Tiny Hearts has funded five (5) research projects.

Today, Joshua is thriving and the Paul family’s change of heart from anger to action became that moment that matters. Their heart has helped thousands of tiny hearts. Charity Matters.

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