is it a midlife crisis?

I’ve always heard about those infamous fathers who went out for a newspaper and never came back. I used to think, who does that? Lately, with responsibility after responsibility, task after task, commitment after commitment…I’m embarrassed to admit that I almost get it…almost. Some days the load is overwhelming.

While running away certainly isn’t a solution, looking at what causes this feeling amongst many people in the middle of their lives is. What is it that happens in the middle of our lives that makes us feel that way? I live the life I have always dreamed of then some. Yet, there are days that going out for a newspaper doesn’t sound like a bad idea….just saying. Do we take on too much? Are moving at too fast a pace to enjoy the journey? Are we giving until we have nothing left or are we still searching for more?

As my nest is almost empty, and I see part two of my life begin to unfold ahead of me, these are the questions I find myself pondering and I don’t think I’m alone…..just the only one crazy enough to put them in ink. Until I find the answers, I will be thankful for all I have, the blessings in my life and gratitude that I don’t read the paper.


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  1. David Rodriguez Reply

    Great post today. I do read the paper, but I enjoy it best with a cup of joe, and my partner by my side. Great post today.

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