Three years ago I had a dream about a television show that highlighted all of the amazing people in our world who make a difference. Today that dream is celebrating its third birthday. Charity Matters is still a mere toddler, trying to run but still waddling despite the urge to speed ahead at full sprint.

I knew nothing about television or TV shows but despite that, I also knew nothing about blogging. What I did know was how to turn a thought into action. So that is what I did.  I wrote a show, registered it and then thought if I can write about this same concept for a few months I might actually be onto something.

What I didn’t know was if anyone else cared or would be here to listen. You do care and you are here…thousands of you. You start your day here, inspire me and share what inspires you. I am beyond grateful.  And while three years has zipped by in a flash, my passion for bringing inspiring stories and people to you has only become stronger in that small amount of time.

Charity Matters is not so much about me or even you, it is about what inspires us to be our best. People, stories, quotes. We are human, compassionate, amazing, capable people and the goal is simply  to remember that. More than that,  to realize how many amazing gifts you have to share with the world.

Whether you love yoga, sports, medicine, fashion, the military or anything I promise you there is a  non-profit to match your interest. My hope is that you find something that speaks to you, your soul and urges you to action. Life is short, live it well, share your gifts and thank you for sharing your time here with me for these past three years. My life is richer because of you.

Don’t forget to keep dreaming.

Charity Matters.


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  1. My life is richer because of you. I love you will always share your dreams.

  2. Carolyn Johnson Reply

    Congratulations Heidi for all the good you do in this world.


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