Since this week was Dr. Martin Luther King’s birthday I thought it only fitting to share with you my “I have dream” post.

I have always been labeled a big dreamer and as the years roll by, it is a label that I am increasingly proud of.  My dream is to continue to share with you inspiring stories of people that have taken their tragedy and turned into something much bigger. In many cases, it is the story of the small non-profit that began from someone’s pain.

I am familiar with this story and this journey because it it also my own. When life hands you a tragedy you are given a choice, to let it destroy you or to define you. I hope my life is used doing the latter. In these moments you realize just how little time it is that you have on this planet to really make a difference. As Dr. King said, “Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.”

Silent is not my strong suit. There is much that matters. There is much to do.  The non-profit that sprouted from my tragedy (created with an incredible group of people) is called The Spiritual Care Guild at Childrens Hospital Los Angeles. Being a part of building a non-profit and being able to provide chaplains to children and families at Childrens Hospital Los Angeles has been a defining moment and a dream that has become a reality.

Like all big dreamers, somehow the dreams become bigger. That big dream is to help to give a voice to these stories with Charity Matters.  There are 1.7 million non-profits in the United States and many of them started from a tragedy, as mine did. These stories need to be told.

Dr. King used his voice to spread a message of hope. It is my dream to use my voice to continue to spread the message of these non-profits and the bigger message that Charity Matters. I think its a dream that Dr. King would approve.

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