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Time for Camp!


I am back from a much-needed vacation and re-energized for the busy summer ahead. As most of you know by now, I took a new position last November running non-profit that provides a Summer Leadership Conference for middle school students, called TACSC. Today, I feel like a nervous camper because it’s my first day of Summer Camp or Summer Conference, as we call it.

All year, we have worked, planned, fundraised and organized for this moment. It is exciting, terrifying and fun all at once. Just like the 200 students who will show up today, spending their first week away from home, in a college dorm…I can empathize with their nerves because its my first time too!

This moment is the reason I took this job. No, not to relive my childhood and run off to camp but because of what we do and have been doing for 32 years. That is teaching our students how to lead and inspire others. Planting the seed of compassion by teaching service, having our students learn how to use their voice and stand up for what they believe in and how to lead from behind and by example.

Oh don’t get me wrong, this is still camp….with talent shows, line dances, movie nights, games and all the fun that comes with camp. This is camp with a difference and a purpose.

Last night as I packed up my own 7th grader to attend our program, I realized that he was excited, happy and really looking forward to this experience and I can say proudly, I am too!


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