are you a global citizen?

The other day I took our first-born to his new college, yes he is transferring. As a result, I sat through yet another college orientation, my second in 2 weeks. Having now been through three of these events, I found myself fascinated that all of these institutions of higher learning keep speaking of our teenagers as “global citizens.”

Yes, I have known since my first time at Disneyland that, “It’s a Small World After all” but this term, “global citizen,” has become a constant reference at these orientations. It seems to be a new SAT vocabulary word or perhaps something from the new version of the college dictionary?  Regardless, the question these great institutions are asking of their students is how will you contribute to the world? Pretty strong stuff for kids that were just at Senior prom a few months ago….just saying.

The question began making me think, what is my answer. How am I contributing to the world? Wow, even halfway through my life with a handful of ideas that is such a big question. Yet, it is an awesome question to ask yourself. Is there something that I have done that makes our world, our universe, our planet a better place? Answer: stay tuned.

I think whats even more exciting is that our children are beginning to ask themselves at such an early age as to how can they use their gifts to make our world better. If that what college is teaching these days, then I think we are on the right path. It is a small world after all.


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