mimi foundationBeing carefree, something all of us remember in our youth and sadly long for, when our life’s responsibilities get in the way. A new video, from cancer survivor and founder of the Mimi Foundation, Myrian Ullens de Schooten, offers this gift of spontaneity to cancer patients. Myrian founded the Mimi Foundation, “Because of this experience my conviction has grown that cancer must be fought not only on the medical front, but on all fronts. Using this principle I want to ensure that all those who have to face this disease receive support, help and comfort.” This project accomplishes just that.

Just that moment of joy, silliness, freedom and the unpredictable. The video is in French with sub-titles, but the language of joy is universal. Take a moment and treat yourself to a small slice.



It simply doesn’t matter what language you speak or what you look like when you are suffering from cancer. What matters is the smiles, the fun, the joy and the moment that each of these people gave to another.

Charity Matters.


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