Charity MilesI never thought I would say this, but I love technology. Ok, I love technology that makes a difference. I also love running and today when my husband stumbled upon this amazing new app, I simply had to share. There is now a way for my run to earn money for causes I care about and its called Charity Miles.

Only a year and a half ago, Gene Gurkoff had a brilliant idea. He wanted to make a difference, more specifically to help his grandfather who suffers from Parkinson’s. Gene’s idea was to reach out to corporate sponsors and ask them to support us, the general public, every time we run, walk or ride. Making our every day workouts a charity race, that turns those miles into donations benefiting 25 amazing non-profit organizations. You can choose where each workout gets donated, with organizations that range from Autism Speaks, (Red), DoSomething.Org, Feed America, Soles 4 Souls and many more.

So, when I ran today (that’s my phone after the run above) a whopping 3 miles, I donated my run to The Wounded Warrior Project, in honor of Veterans Day. Charity Miles saying is,” Every Step Counts.” Since June 2012, runners, walkers and riders have logged enough miles from Charity Miles to go from earth to the moon and back….three times.

I think Charity Miles is onto something great. So download their app, put on your shoes and hit the road to make your life and someone else’s, that much better. They are right at Charity Miles, “Changing the world is a team sport.”  That is my kind of team.

Charity Matters.

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