McNif036I may have mentioned before that my Dad has died, more than a few times, and is still here to talk about it. Yes, its true. My Dad has seen the light, twice after a horrible car accident and then more recently, he died in spin class and was resuscitated.  Today, he still sits behind me in spin class (no longer on the same bike) and is healthy, happy and alive.

Sometimes, Dad’s get taken for granted. They are the guys in the back round who are silently making things happen.  For me, it may have taken these 3 near death experiences to truly appreciate what a remarkable guy my dad is.  What makes him remarkable is probably the same things that make you remarkable. His dedication to his family, his faith and his ability to simply keep going.

I asked him once, shortly after my parents car accident, how was he coping with all the loss? His answer, “Just like everyone else, I put one foot in front of the other and simply keep going.” That may sound simple but in fact it’s not. We all have obstacles, road blocks in our way. My dad, in this moment, had lost his wife, his best friends and almost his own life and yet he just kept going.

We hear over and over to teach our children by example. My dad isn’t one to talk a lot, but teach us by example he has. He has never missed an important anything in our lives or his grandchildren’s lives. He has never missed a sunday mass or anything that has to do with family. He doesn’t talk about it he just “simply keeps going.”

So this Father’s Day, I wanted to give a special shout out to my dad and thank him for always showing us what is important. I love you Dad and hope you “simply keep going” for a very long time and until then, I’ll catch you in spin class.

Happy Father’s Day!

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