Max PageOn monday we discussed how to raise philanthropic children and  I thought today I would share with you one of the best examples I know. His name is Max Page.

I met Max because he and my son are both Junior Ambassadors for Childrens Hospital Los Angeles.  Max has been a patient at CHLA many times in his short 7 years of life for multiple heart surgeries. The world knows Max as little Darth Vadar but what everyone doesn’t know is how huge that little heart really is.

http://[vimeo w=500&h=281]

Max Page, Recipient of the Special Award for Charitable Works for Children’s Hospitals from American Advertising Federation on Vimeo.

Max’s parents Jennifer and Buck have guided Max and his little brother, Els, in doing things big and small for others. They have donated their birthday gifts every year, they participate in walks and runs for causes they care about and the entire family uses their voice to bring attention to causes they care about.

The Page family has taught by example the ripple effect of giving. They realized that the force comes from combining caring with action and that we all possess it. I hope the force is with you and your families throughout this holiday season.

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