In almost 90 posts, I have yet to take a break. How can I possibly slow down when all of you are out there giving, helping and doing so much for so many? So, I haven’t….until now.

We recently had a moment when we realized that our children are going to college soon and that this will be our last “Spring Break” for a while. So while I am re-charging my batteries I am encouraging you to do the same.

We all give and do so much, if your reading this..yes I am speaking to you. How can we keep giving if we don’t give to ourselves? Its much like the oxygen mask on the plane (and I really hope I don’t see those, by the way) you put the mask on yourself first before you can assist others.

I recommend we all put our oxygen mask on now.  By helping myself, I am resting, renewing and recharging so I can keep making a difference. I wish you the same, even if it’s a moment of silence, a hot bath, or a nap. You deserve it, you give so much, so please give to yourself too.

Charity Matters.

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