The other day I came home to find a picture of a woman on my husband’s computer screen.  No, it’s not what your thinking but I must admit I was curious.

I asked my husband who this person was and he proudly claimed that he had just given this woman, Ana a loan.  To understand how shocking this is you have to know my husband. He is a generous soul but likes to give to things that affect him and our family (kid’s school, local hospital and community-oriented giving).

This woman was a widow with two children from Costa Rica who needed money to buy chickens.  She would then sell the eggs to support her family. Through an organization called Kiva, which provides microfinance, he was able to help this woman with a loan, not a donation.

Kiva believes in a world where all people- even in the most remote areas of the globe- hold the power to create an opportunity for themselves and others. The smile of pride on my husband’s face told me he believes this as well. The power of one is indeed powerful.

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