The gift of perspective

gift of perspcective

Everybody needs a little time away…or so the song says. Time to step away from our everyday routine, the busy rush of our lives and a time to relax…..something we ironically never have time to do.

Once we take that first step out, a whole new world opens up before us. Travel, learning about other people, both past and present, is an endless source of inspiration for me. This recent trip was no exception.

To celebrate some big milestones in life, we celebrated with a big adventure, which started in Venice, Italy.  A city so rich in history, culture and a feast for the senses. In Croatia, seeing remnants from the Bosnian war and learning how the reminder of that war still lingers with so many. Visiting tiny fishing villages in Greece and seeing the beauty of nature and the joy of simplicity. Then in the chaos of Athens, will all the financial uncertainty, the kindest of strangers who saw I was lost, walked me to the store where I was looking for a gift. The couple ordered it in Greek taking 20 minutes from their Sunday to help a lost American.

In all my travels, the reminders of kindness, compassion and humanity are and always will be the most beautiful of all.

Charity Matters.


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