Thanksgiving Food Drives

This week our school is beginning its annual food drive, as are schools and churches all over this country. It is a ritual and right of passage as traditional as stuffing and gravy.

While we all go to our full cupboards and pull out  dusty cans of whatever we may have lying around, drop it in the donation box and move along with our day. We often forget to connect the dots of our actions and those that we are helping. We are doing good, we are feeding someone and we are reaching out to those in need.

Perhaps, this holiday we can see a face to hunger and a face to poverty. Just for a moment. Perhaps, have a conversation about the reality of hunger, for thousands of Americans each day, with our children. Maybe, make a plan to feed the hungry on a day other than Thanksgiving.

Realizing that we are touching someone’s life, connecting the person to the cause is Charity that matters.

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