Am I Superwoman?

Am I super woman?

Am I superwoman? An odd question and yet at this time of year, a role that many women feel they must embrace. During the holidays, we all must done our capes, grab our list and take on that role. My answer to that question is no and yes. I have always been able to multi-task, cruise through a list, juggle multiple devices at once and have dinner cooking on the stove. But does this really mean I’m super?

In the eyes of some, yes, but in reality, the answer is NO. This makes me busy and let me be clear, busy isn’t super, it is just busy. Somewhere along the way people have confused the two, myself included.  Busy doesn’t put me in the moment because I’m moving too fast to see and feel it. Busy is simply going down a list.

Superwoman, is super because she is present. She is super when she stops to recognize a moment that will slip away in a blink. Superwoman, cries, feels, admits she simply can’t do it all and most importantly, she stops to think and recognize it. Superwoman knows that life is not a list but a series of moments to be treasured and cherished before they simply slip away.

This holiday season and everyday that is the woman I am striving to be, super or not.

Charity Matters.


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