The Last Pass

The last pass

For as long as I can remember I wanted to be the mother of boys, perhaps, it was growing up in a house full of sisters. Being the mother of three sons, I got what I wished for and have never looked back. There are many gifts that come with sons, but one that I had not really processed until it was it was too late, was the gift of football. Tonight is the last time we will sit in the stands and watch our son play the sport he loves. Tonight will be the last pass.

When our second son was born, we were not thinking about football but his first word, “ball” should have been a warning sign that he had bigger plans. By age four he was on a flag football team and he dragged us along, as his love affair with the sport began. We were sure like most first loves, it would burn bright and quick, but we were very wrong.

Before we knew it, years had passed, thousands of hours logged at games, piles of laundry done, multiple stinky car rides home, more muddy cleats, hundreds of late nights doing homework had turned into high school football. It was four years ago, when I had the epiphany about the sport. I saw the love, the passion, and the discipline of what 12 hour days did for a boy. It made them committed, passionate, strong…it made them the best of themselves.

For the first time I saw the true brotherhood between these boys, who battle together day in and day out for their school and one another. I saw them hold each other up through good times and bad. The bonds, the memories, the life long friendships made between players and between parents….I saw the gift.

Tonight we will gather for one last time to watch our sons do what they love and every moment will be a gift, even the last pass.


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