When I began this journey of sharing stories of small non-profits a few months back I never realized that the reoccurring theme would be the power of one. Time and again I am inspired, fascinated and motivated to share these stories of everyday heroes.

Daphna Bottcher is a mother who found out that her daughter, McGwire, had juvenile diabetes in 2006. She set out to not only help her child but help other families struggling with this disease as well and created a non-profit called Kids With Courage Foundation.

Daphna created an organization that promotes courage as its cornerstone with a mission to embrace children battling the life-long disease Type 1 diabetes, providing programs which have a direct influence on their lives.

Daphna said, “We all live day to day, acting out the one thing that is unique to us… our story. Our story is ours. Regardless of circumstances, we live out our story every moment of every day. Along the way, we are given opportunities to impact the stories of others for the good or bad.”

She is a hero because she took something that was a challenge and turned into a gift to help others.

In her words, “These circumstances have reminded me that we all can have a powerful impact in the lives of others, if we are also brave, and we live our story to the fullest to create a life full of meaning and purpose. We all have opportunities to do so much more if we choose to.”

That is converting passion into change and Charity that Matters.

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