Charity Starts at home


Charity Starts at Home

our house“Charity starts at home” is a phrase often heard mumbled by my husband from under his breath. Usually as I am dashing out to a meeting or  getting excited about a cause I care about. I chuckle and laugh it off, kiss his cheek and head on my way.  Lately, his words are echoing in my head as many projects have been neglected at home due to someone else in greater need for my time or resources.

Yet, there comes a time when his phrase rings all too true and that time is now. What does that mean? For me, it means putting my family, our home and our “projects” at the head of the line.  It means touching up chipped paint and finally gutting the original 1928 kitchen. Who still has screens in the backs of their cabinets to keep their food fresh? Answer, that would be us.

This summer I am taking my husband’s words to heart. My time and energy  will be spent focusing on our family, our long forgotten projects and being filled with gratitude for all my blessings. My parents used to have a sign in their kitchen that said,”Pardon the inconvenience, while we remodel to serve you better.” The sign was up for 40 years, remodeling or not.

I am asking you to pardon the inconvenience this summer, I will still be posting three days a week but construction may delay things a bit. Thank you in advance for being patient with me and realizing that perhaps my husband is right, Charity starts at home……sometimes.

Charity Matters.

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