This is a bit of a follow up from Wednesday’s post about the incredible organization, CASA that has provided volunteers to stay with a children of abuse and neglect through the chaos of the court system and foster care.

A volunteer who worked with CASA wrote this about her time with one of these children and I thought it was so lovely it was worth sharing with you all.

The Advocate

This is not about
Rescue, so as to feel good
When the child lights up with a smile. This is not about
the comfort of compassion.
This is hard work,
Struggling with ripped families
And children in clouds of pain,
anger dancing round in their hearts in the turmoil of a world
made crazy. This is caring,
yes, but also what is just,
what should be demanded.
It takes love
And a certain measure of courage. And in the simple act
Of person helping person,
It becomes extraordinary.

Mercedes Lawry

Another reminder that kindness to one another is the greatest gift.

Charity Matters

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