Today is Charity Matter’s 4th birthday and I thought in honor of that I would repost my original words written here. 600 blog posts later, with thousands of you sharing and changing my life for the better, I want to say thank you. When I began this journey I had nothing more than faith and an idea. Thank you for following, sharing and most importantly believing in me and this work. So, take a peak at the post that began it all…..

I don’t know if it was Oprah’s last show and message that stirred my  soul, or a calling, but when the question was asked to the world, ”What  is your life saying to you now?” I knew my answer was MAKE a  DIFFERENCE.

Little or big, it doesn’t matter, but that is the voice inside my head. That  is the purpose of this blog and the goal which it will try to achieve in  ways little and big because no matter how it happens a difference; a  thought, an inspiration, a positive step forward to help another human  on this planet by planting a seed of compassion is the purpose.

So every few days we will strive to give you a thought, a quote, an  inspiring Charity Profile, someone who lives their life through  actions and not words.

Charity is defined as help, aid and contribution. It is not about money, but rather it is about converting passion into change.  Matter is a substance, a subject and something of importance and that is what this blog hopes to do.

So thank you for joining me at the beginning. We are each a link in the human chain that joins us all.  I hope you will sign up to be a link that connects people and causes that matter. I know together we can do anything.


Charity Matters.


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