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As you all know I recently returned from my first Mardi Gras in New Orleans. Since today is Ash Wednesday and the celebration is winding down on Bourbon Street I thought it only fitting to share a little about a New Orleans non-profit today. The organization is called HandsOn New Orleans.

In the after math of Hurricane Katrina this incredible organization was formed to bring everyone together for the singular purpose of ” engaging, empowering, and transforming the community through volunteer service by connecting every passion with its purpose.” How great is that?

HandsOn New Orleans is a huge master calendar for the city bringing together all of the incredible opportunities and needs in one singular place. What I love is that this unique city and non-profit, hosts visitors from around the world, as well  long time residents in the New Orleans community. Since the hospitality in New Orleans is unlike any place I have ever been, HandsOn New Orleans doesn’t care if you are a party of one or a corporate team, a local or a tourist. Either way they promise to provide you with worthwhile  volunteer options.

While the hurricane has long past, the commitment to rebuild and reshape this amazing city has not gone away. Like most cities that have experienced a tragedy or natural disaster, that bond only makes them stronger. New Orleans is no different.


Since March of 2006, HandsOn New Orleans and their 35,000 volunteers have; completed 600,000 hours of service,organized 110 customized corporate projects with twenty Fortune 500 companies,impacted 19,500 underserved youth and trained 230 volunteer leaders that saved the community $13 million through volunteer time.

As many of us begin the season of Lent and the countdown to Easter, perhaps it is fitting to think of New Orleans. A city that shows us in good times and in bad that coming together is really what matters.

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