Whats the expression, one person can change the world? Well, when you hear Thomas Rollerson’s story you will believe that. He has changed the lives of over 10,000 terminally ill people by granting their dying wish through his Dream Foundation. Org

Thomas’s journey began in 1993 when his partner was dying and had the simple request to see the movie Mrs. Doubtfire. Thomas called a wish granting agency for children and learned that there was no such place that honored last wishes of adults.  Thomas then went to the movies studios and asked them for help, so his partner could watch the film at home. He was so moved by the studio’s outpouring of love to make this final dream come true that Thomas knew he needed to replicate this for others.

One year later he created the Dream Foundation.Org.  His dream simply to enhance the quality of life for people suffering from a terminal illness by providing peace, joy and closure for them at the end of their life.


Most of the organizations “dreamers” have a life expectancy of less than a year and because medical expenses are financially devastating these dreamers resources are limited. The dreams can be as simple as having the heating bill paid, reuniting with loved ones or creating a happy family memory for the children whose parents are terminally ill.

The Dream Foundation works with more than 600 hospices and healthcare organizations nationwide along with hundreds of volunteers determined to fulfill thousands of dreams each year.

Thomas Rollerson has taken his grief and turned it into hope, love and joy for thousands of dreamers each year. Sounds like a dream come true.  What’s your dream?

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