I was recently reading Glamour magazine and came across the amazing story of Jessica Melore. She is so inspiring that I needed to share it with you.

Jessica was 16 when she suffered a massive heart attack. She waited 9 months for a miracle, a heart transplant.


Today, Jessica is 30 and due to the gift of life she has attended Princeton University, interned at Good Morning America, Sesame Street, and New York City’s Lincoln Center.  She is an advocate for youth with disabilities and a beacon of hope for the 110,000 people waiting for an organ donation today.

Jessica is working with Donate Life America on their 20 Million in 2012 campaign, to increase donor registration in state registries.  “I am so proud to be part of Donate Life America’s 20 Million in 2012 campaign.  Real life stories like mine can inspire people to sign up to be organ, eye and tissue donors, and provide hope to the more than 110,000 men, women and children on the organ transplant waiting list.”

Jessica is committed to giving every person waiting for a transplant a second chance at life.  Will you? I just did.

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