As Thanksgiving approaches and the food drives continue, we all pitch in to do our part. For some of us its donating food or money but for Stan Curtis of Kentucky it was solving a bigger problem, hunger in America.

In 1986, Stan was out to dinner and noticed a tray of green beans being thrown out from a buffet and replaced. He inquired with the manager, who explained they had to be thrown out. Stan thought that there had to be a better use for his green beans than to waste them.

Stan had grown up in an orphanage and knew what it was like to be hungry. He had become successful through hard work and was determined to make a difference. He gathered a few friends together to “raise food not funds.” Their mission was to simply take food from people who had surplus and deliver it to shelters that had needed it.

Today, 25 years later Kentucky Harvest is now USA Harvest, which is the largest volunteer food distribution organization in our country. They have no staff, only volunteers and have delivered more than 11 billion pounds of food. USA Harvest serves more than 2 million meals a day to the hungry in our country.

Stan says, ” Regardless of who you are or where you come from most people want to stand for something.” Stan Curtis stands for millions. That is Charity that matters.

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing this!! I love knowing about what others are doing — so often it helps create a synergy that more and better ideas are born from. Thank you : )

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