Every year our family picks a holiday project that we support. A few years back my children voted to adopt a soldier through Soldier Angels.Org.

Each week we took turns writing letters to our helicopter pilot, Chris, in Iraq. Then once a month we sent Chris a care package with treats, toothpaste, magazines, etc..We did this every week, every month for a year.

It was a few months before we received a response and those letters we received in gratitude were the best gifts my sons received all year. They watched the news, looking for “their soldier” they worried about Chris’s safety and his 9 month old daughter who he hadn’t yet met.

All of this was possible because of one mom, named Patti Bader. When Patti”s second son was deployed to Iraq  she discovered how much the soldiers craved notes from home. So she started as one mom sending notes and cookies to a few of her sons’ friends. The rest turned into the story of angels.


So in honor of all of our soldiers who are currently serving and all those who have so bravely served this country. Happy Vetrans Day and thank you.

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