Gratitude has been a reoccurring theme for me lately. I don’t know if its the beauty of fall or just feeling blessed for all of life’s’ gifts. I am in a state of gratitude.

I am grateful for many things health, family, friends and freedom. I am grateful for all those who sacrifice so that we can have freedom. I am grateful for our soldiers.


My uncle has the difficult task of being a military chaplain and greets these soldiers once they return home. My sister-in-law has the equally difficult task of waiting for the man she loves to return from his post in Iraq.

This is not a non-profit but something that matters.  Our troops matter, lets all be grateful for those that give so much.


  1. Thanks, sis. Soldiers matter. And, I can tell you first hand that knowing their efforts are appreciated means everything. They are more than troops, they are individuals who give up more than we can imagine in the name of freedom.

    And, God bless Don and all the good work he is doing.

    • Thanks for posting Heidi! So grateful for our freedom and the soldiers that give up their lives for us. It seems impossible to thank them enough.

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